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Lutheran Social Services CHOICES program, a leading resource for victims of domestic violence in Columbus, Ohio, works to interrupt the cycle of domestic violence in this community and advocate for social change. Columbus Humane has worked collaboratively with CHOICES since the inception of our Safe Haven for Pets program in 2006. We’ve worked to tear down barriers for those who are trying to leave an abusive situation. One of the reasons victims of domestic violence stay in dangerous situations is for fear of what will happen to their pets. Read more about our Safe Haven for Pets program by clicking on the link below.


in january 2019, CHOICES OPENED a new domestic violence shelter and for the first time ever, it will have the capacity to house a small number of residents’ pets.

Beginning in 2019, we will begin providing on-site care to the pets of those staying at the new CHOICES shelter, as they escape an abusive situation. The new CHOICES shelter will be able to house up to twelve animals, while all additional animals will come to Columbus Humane to be admitted to our traditional Safe Haven program. Columbus Humane has consulted on the design and construction of the kennels, exam room, isolation spaces, visiting rooms and outdoor exercise area. We are honored to work collaboratively with CHOICES to find solutions for those in need. To find out more about CHOICES, please visit their website below.


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Appointments are available from 11am-6pm M-F and 9am-4pm Sat-Sun. Same day appointments may be available. The entrance to the Animal Support Center is located at the side of the building. Call (614) 777 - 7387 for an appointment.


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